Patient Testimonials

“Before Bio-Identical Hormone treatment I was exhausted, depressed, and just did not feel good. Now, since treatment, I feel much better. I definitely feel like the hormones were the reason. The investment is worth it. I think it’s great to get the word out.”
- Katrina H. age 46
“The main reason I wanted to work with Dr. Seibert was to be able to lose weight that I had trouble losing before. I feel more like myself now. Thyroid treatment, and Bio-Identical hormones give me hope that I can keep the weight off in the future.”
-Deby B. age 46
“It’s been a good experience overall working with Dr. Seibert.”
- Connie C. age 50
“Before being treated I was tired, had foggy thinking, and was stressed out. I feel much better. I’m not stressed now, I have energy, my foggy thinking is gone. Working with Dr. Seibert has been a blessing.”
- Anne-Marie R. age 45
“I came in feeling pretty low energy, and now I feel great. With HCG I dropped 35 pounds. That’s huge. I have twins, and after I had them, the weight just wouldn’t budge. Now, I am able to keep it off.”
- Julie P. age 46

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